815 Cube Love

Bob and Vince are back with some stories so out there, they have to be Totally True Stories. We discuss a couple of 815 stories including Isaiah Roby. We also talk about Tarragon, the King of All Herbs and the work we have been doing. Pull up a chair and don’t forget to read the instructions before listening to the Best Podcast in the 815.

Intro and Outro song – “Beyond The Cube” by Settling Houses

Show Links:

Settling Houses – http://settlinghouses.com/

Beyond The Cube Discord – https://discord.gg/YbRxZ9Q

Isiah Roby Story – Here
Naked Drunk Man Breaking In To Home Story – Here
25 Year Old Drunk Woman Driving Power Wheel Story – Here
Copywriter Gets Too Wordy Story – Here

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