Oooh, you poor soul.

You have stumbled upon the brainchild of Vince and Bob-O. Having to spend hours and hours working with each other, the nonsense that was created between Vince and Bob has been pure gold. So much in fact that there’s always a buzz and chatter pretty much whenever they enter and leave rooms.

In all seriousness, Vince and Bob work on various projects outside of their normal 9 to 5. One of the areas they have been interested in is podcasting, thus spawning Beyond The Cube.

Vincent is technical. Stories, problem solving, blog posts.. He is a writer.

Bob is graphical. Website design, graphic design, custom apparel… He is an artist.


Beyond The Cube will feature Vince and Bob on a regular basis. Together, Vince and Bob will discuss various topics, have different segments as well as have special guests too,.


Not only do we bet that you’ll be laughing so hard, that you’ll pee your pants.. we’re pretty sure you’ll leave each podcast knowing something you didn’t know before? Ehhh.. maybe not


Pretty sure this sums it all up

Our tagline sums it all up.. we’re two good friends podcasting about anything and everything. We’re hoping to have a fun time with this and make you laugh and enjoy what we’re bringing. There is no hidden agenda, there will be no politics. Just two good friends having fun. Welcome to Beyond The Cube.