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Vincent from Beyond the Cube checking in with a spot that I never imagined I would be writing about. I discovered Food Fitness You through a friend of a friend. To be fair, Bob was one of those friends. Located at 1801 Griswold Ave in Sterling in the 815 area is a building which has a gym area as well as an eatery. I can only comment on the food, but this place is so much more.  

The location from the outside does not seem like either of what I just mentioned. The inside was clean, modern, and welcoming. The staff was friendly and talkative. They had made suggestions and being able to see the meals be prepared in front of us was not only comforting, but it also helped us line up meals for the next trip. It is easily a place where you will be welcomed as part of the community.  

I say this because of the nature of the food. It is completely vegan. This brings me to why I never thought I would be talking about this. The menu is simple and straightforward. The ingredients are all listed and laid out nicely. This was part of the reason why I was iffy. The absence of meat threw me off but fear not. I had ordered a couple of Soft Corn Jackfruit Tacos (if you are curious, pause here to look up jackfruit) and they are currently the top of the list of best tacos I have had. They are meatless and use a jackfruit mix as filling.  

If I had not known it was jackfruit, I would have sworn it was meat. The texture, flavor, and juiciness were all there. When being topped with diced tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole, and creme fraiche, it all came together in a wonderful mix of flavor. They had two choices of salsa as well, which the Hot added so much more to this meal. It was not heat but more flavor.  Two was a good amount and another would have hit the spot even more. The freshness of the food did not leave me feeling bogged down or too full either. 

Tacos, burrito, wraps and Buddha Bowls are just the lunch side of the menu. They also offer breakfast which is available throughout the day. They have a selection of smoothies which so many of them sound amazing and I can attest that Red was delicious.  I highly recommend Food Fitness You for a lunch which is surprisingly quick and out of this world. Go on and be surprised at how this food can change you and make you feel. 

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