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We here at Beyond The Cube have our favorites. I need to talk about one of the staples of the Sterling area before we get too deep in reviews. Smoked On Third is as the name implies in so many ways. It is located on E. 3rd Street in Sterling, IL and they serve some of the best smoked food we have eaten.  

We have weekly reminders of how amazing the food is through either catering or visits to the restaurant itself. Smoked On Third is the staple for our anniversary breakfasts at work with their pulled pork breakfast burritos and amazing biscuits and gravy. To those who do not work with us, fear not, these are available during brunches offered throughout the year. Easter and Mother’s Day is just a couple of times these are offered. 

Where Smoked really shines can be summed up with the Dinner for 2 and Meat Sampler. Both meals consist of pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and a smoked sausage link. The Dinner for 2 takes it further including shrimp and 2 additional sides. This is a great introduction to the delicious offerings that Smoked On Third has. You can explore the rest of their menu with sandwiches, baked potatoes, and entrees that explore what can be done with these smoked meats. 

Dinner is best started with one of their tasty appetizers. A department favorite is the Boo-Yah Deep Fried Potato Salad. This is another dish that before I tried it, I was hesitant. That potatoes covering in the boo-yah sauce is the perfect mix of heft and flavor and since that first bite, I am always ordering a side when getting a meal. The Poutine is another great appetizer as it combines their spinner fries with cheese curds and gravy. I personally have made a meal out of just the Smoked Nachos as well topped with pork or brisket. 

Smoked On Third also has daily specials as well as specials for events. They each deserve an article all their own, from the Smoked Brisket Tacos, Pork Tenderloin sandwiches as well as the Irish Egg Rolls. There is food for the whole family as the kid’s menu has offerings on par with the main menu.  

Go over and give it a try. It is a great atmosphere, friendly staff, and astounding food. I highly recommend as a staple to visit when in the 815. 

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