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It is not often that I go to tournaments for card games anymore. Typically, when I do it will be up in the Chicago burbs with my brother and some friends. I was looking around at places that were a bit closer and easy to get to for a recent Magic tournament. 

Enter Top Cut Comics in South Rockford. I had reached out to multiple stores around the area and one thing that stuck out about this store was their willingness to help. I had asked for more information about the event and was told that the person working would reach out and get more information and had me call back. I called back a couple of hours later and they were well informed about my request. The price of the event was the lowest I had found in the area. The product was the same and the payout was on par with the rest of the stores. 

Tournament day came and they were well organized and friendly. The judge and woman working the counter were very helpful with the questions I had during the event. The event ran smoothly with no hiccups that I had noticed if there were any. I recommend this location for such occasions and Beyond The Cube will likely be repping there again. 

I did get a chance to browse the rest of the store before the tournament and between rounds. They had a great selection of card games, playmats, and Pop figures. Boardgame selection was a bit limited, but the games that were stocked were of higher quality and more popular ones. Space was well utilized and did not feel claustrophobic. If you are in the area, I do recommend giving it a stop. This was located close to a Pizza Hut as well so there was minimal driving for something quick to eat. There were numerous food places on the way as well for a day out if you take part in a larger tournament.  

I highly recommend giving it a stop if you get a chance and this is your scene. Enjoy. 

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