Around The 815 – Food Fitness You

Vincent from Beyond the Cube checking in with a spot that I never imagined I would be writing about. I discovered Food Fitness You through a friend of a friend. To be fair, Bob was one of those friends. Located … Read More

Cubies and Foodies

Bob and Vince are joined by Zach this week. All three have food on the brain as we talk about the different selection that is offered in the area and what we would like to see. We also talk Elote … Read More

Around The 815 – Pub 225

  Right up the road, north on IL 40 you’ll find a small town. And in Milledgeville, you’ll come across one of the coolest bars in the area.. no wonder their slogan is “Come In As Strangers, Leave As Friends”. … Read More

Stoned At The Cube

Bob has had quite the week and opens up about his experience with kidney stones. Even being down and out, wisdom is to be had. Vince has been writing and spending time out in the crazy summer days. We also … Read More

Stranger Cube

Bob and Vince cover Stranger Things spanning back from season 1 to current. We have also tried our hand at judging and talk about our experience. Come learn about how the younger generation is blowing us away with their skills … Read More

Weekend At Cubies

Bob and Vince celebrate Bob’s birthday! He talks about the details of his surprise party that was thrown for him. We talk some Stranger Things 3 spoiler free, Nic Cage, and Magic the Gathering. Also covered is some exciting new … Read More

815 Cube Love

Bob and Vince are back with some stories so out there, they have to be Totally True Stories. We discuss a couple of 815 stories including Isaiah Roby. We also talk about Tarragon, the King of All Herbs and the … Read More

Bobs Discover Playlist on Spotify

Here is the fabled insanely awesome Discover Playlist that’s made for Bob! Make sure you listen before next Monday 6/24/2019 to hear the awesomeness that was delivered this week!

CubeTube Star

Bob and Vince are back! Fame changes people and Vince talks about his brief MTV stardom. The 8 minutes of fame is also available on YouTube. We talk about some of the work we are currently doing as well. Grab … Read More