Keep On Cubin’ On

Bob and Vince are back and talk about our first giveaway as well as announce the winner. Vince is busy writing while Bob is busy doing artwork. We also discuss the 80’s revival including Stranger Things Season 3, Bill and … Read More

Creativity And When It Sparks

Inspiration.. It seems like it can strike like lightning and if not acted upon quickly, its gone. There are many things that inspire me and for different reasons. Biggest one for sure is MUSIC. Music literally can put me in … Read More

Cubing The Hard Questions

Our first Would You Rather with patron submissions! We answer all the difficult questions that have been on all your minds. Bob and Vince also talk Chicago sports, artwork and writing as well as clones? We are still running a … Read More

Most Excellent Giveaway

Time for our first giveaway. In celebration of our most excellent newest episode we have a couple of treats. Like and share this status for entry to win 2 unopened packs of Bill and Ted’s most atypical movie cards as well … Read More

Making That Cube With Zach And Josiah

Welcome back to Beyond The Cube. We are joined by Zach of Sauk Valley Smash and Josiah of Settling Houses. We talk Fiverr along with getting started on side hustles. We celebrate everything creative and talk about how to make … Read More

Merch Ideas… Yep!

Hey guys! Fulfilling my promise and posting some artwork! I’m sure if you sign up for our Patreon you’ll see some of these designs. Hope you like! -Bob-O-

You Play Ball Like A Cube

Welcome back to another episode! We talk recent happenings which morphs into a discussion about a 90’s movie set in the 60’s and all about the 80’s. It will make more sense when you listen. We also do Would You Rather … Read More

The Cube of Oak Island

Join us as we explore the Money Pit of Oak Island with Chipper of the Ivy Boys! This is a perfect beginner’s guide as Vince gets educated on the backstory of the island along with current theories that surround it. … Read More