Been Busy!

When I posted my first blog back on 11-27-2018 I distinctly remember thinking.. “this is gonna be awesome, I’l post at least once or twice a week and make sure content is fresh and current.” YIKES… I didnt mean to wait until the following year before posting again. Been quite busy! Lots happening at the moment, which is awesome! A couple of major milestones happened for me just in the past couple of months.

  • Recording the first podcast episode for Beyond The Cube
  • The continuation of picking up clients for various work
  • A truly wonderful and pleasant holiday season
  • Lots of work at my full time job

As you can see.. I’ve been quite busy! I’m sorry for neglecting Beyond The Cube, however! The recording and editing of our first episode has truly got me fired up, I’ve literally listen to the same recording about 4 or 5 times now loll 😀 Me and Vince have been talking and I believe we are going to do at least 2 recordings a month.. at the very least, and I promise to make a more conscience effort to providing more content.

So last blog post include an all time favorite songs of mine.. I’m posting my Top Songs 2018 as all these are still heavy in rotation. Until next time (which I promise will be soon!)


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