Creativity And When It Sparks

Inspiration.. It seems like it can strike like lightning and if not acted upon quickly, its gone. There are many things that inspire me and for different reasons. Biggest one for sure is MUSIC. Music literally can put me in … Read More

Merch Ideas… Yep!

Hey guys! Fulfilling my promise and posting some artwork! I’m sure if you sign up for our Patreon you’ll see some of these designs. Hope you like! -Bob-O-

Been Busy!

When I posted my first blog back on 11-27-2018 I distinctly remember thinking.. “this is gonna be awesome, I’l post at least once or twice a week and make sure content is fresh and current.” YIKES… I didnt mean to … Read More

My All Time Favorites

First off, if you’re reading this thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being here! Secondly.. this is harder than what I originally thought. In this duo, I definitely am not the writer thats for sure. I’m dropping this playlist … Read More