Glitching Cube

Bob and Vince are mostly here! The NHL is stealing names! The guys also talk about how we test fate daily, the Mandela Effect, and Ben Stiller. We also cover our Spotify playlists. Pull up a chair and grab your … Read More

At Home Cube

Bob And Vincent return from life! The guys discuss the most recent happenings and what was the hold up. They also talk about garage sale wars, video game pricing, and being there for those in need. Put your items on … Read More

Hiatus In The Cube

Bob and Vince get hyped about recording. R.R. Martin talk and how winter will never come is discussed. They also discuss fine dining in the 815, being drink┬áconnoisseurs, and recent shows. The guys geek out about current games as Vince … Read More

Gronking The Cube

Bob and Vince are back talking about the Gronkvasion. Vince’s favorite football player seems to be everywhere except the endzone. We also talk about a lot of recent happenings included being serious judges, the rona, and all the memes. Carole … Read More

Shelter In Cube

Bob and Vince are joined by the one and only Nathan. We are sheltering in place and doing weird things while stuck inside. Find out what we have been listening to lately and we reminisce about our first cars. We … Read More

No RONA In The Cube

Bob and Vince are safe! There is good and bad news here in the cube. We are your #1,012,548th source for rona news. We talk about the current events surrounding the Coronavirus and give out thoughts on it which differ … Read More

Sleeping On The Cube

Bob is having a moment and Vince needs to sleep. We cover our week in music and television. We also discuss the BnBDubs and turning it into the greatest reality tv show ever, but podcast form. We also got some … Read More

Cube Aged

Bob and Vince show their age! They talk about recent happenings including concerts, boxing matches, and recent (and older) music. There is a lot of reality show talk and what they have been watching lately. There is lots of Spotify … Read More

Mystery Of The Cube

Bob and Vince are back at it, but there is a mystery afoot. Follow along as we explore card game addiction and spreadsheet tinkering. We revisit our old pal, The Night King, and talk Masked Singer, Locke and Key, and … Read More

Lazy Days At The Cube

Bob and Vince start the year off with a… eh. Productivity has slowed due to illness and your favorite duo has been catching up on shows, movies, and games. We discuss some newer and older shows that we are getting … Read More